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ATLAS Annual Conference 2019 – Tourism Transformations

Friday, September 20, 2019, Next Tourism Generation key partner ATLAS organizes the ATLAS Annual Conference 2019 in Girona, Spain, co-organized with NTG and the INCOME tourism project. During this event, professionals from the tourism industry, tourism education and governments will gather together in order to talk about the needs in tourism education. 

Tourism Education, Employability and Industry – University Interaction NTG and INCOME Tourism projects


From an industry perspective, tourism employment in the coming decades must have a very different profile than it does today. Educational organisations such as schools and higher education institutions have to evolve and adapt in order to achieve their core mission: to educate students to be successful in a complex and interconnected world that faces rapid technological, cultural, economic and demographic change (European Commission, 2019). During the conference, the special track Tourism Education, Employability and Industry – University Interaction NTG and INCOME Tourism projects focuses on the following themes:


  • The identification of gaps related to skills development in tourism and leisure
  • Effective methods of training or teaching the tourism professionals of the future
  • Ways of Industry – University interaction, in the tourism context
  • Drivers for Industry – University cooperation
  • The role of the tourism industry in the educational context of the future
  • HEI Tourism Subject assessment and research projects developed in collaboration with industry 


The organisers of this session are actively seeking publications opportunities with journals or book publishers.

All abstracts will be subject to double-blind review by members of the scientific committee. Acceptance of submission will be based on: theoretical and empirical significance; methodological soundness; relevance to the theme of the conference and logical clarity. The official language of the conference is English. Abstracts should be submitted via the ATLAS website using the abstract form provided on the ATLAS website


In the afternoon, the Tourism Sector Shared Workshop will be hosted and contains various short presentations from NTG and the INCOME Tourism projects, including concrete information that is relevant for the industry. Next to that, the perspective from tourism industry stakeholders will also be presented during the workshop. Afterwards, partners from education, industry and government can share their findings, thoughts and experiences on tourism education in smaller groups. The workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to have insightful discussions with industry and educational partners to discuss barriers and challenges which prevent better relations between industry and education. Issues such as the image of Tourism Careers, skills development for employees, sustainable tourism development and the key challenges that the industry is facing will be topics of the discussions. The participants will be encouraged to utilise a triple helix approach to their discussion drawing on the industry, academic and government perspectives to help provide solutions to problems and challenges.


For publication opportunities and more information about the event and workshops, please visit the website of ATLAS: ATLAS ANNUAL CONFERENCE, GIRONA.


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