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A meeting with Dr. Vicky Richards: Accessible Tourism

Dr. Vicky Richards, Programme Director for Undergraduate Tourism Programmes and Lecturer in Tourism, Hospitality and Events (THE) at Cardiff Metropolitan University teaches a 10-credit score module concentrating on social inclusion. Vicky has a wealth of experience and knowledge and has worked in disability services for 20 years within the third sector. From a tourism and hospitality point of view, she believes that the industry, such as hotels and restaurants, can easily begin to break down the barriers for people with disabilities and accessible tourism experiences. In this blog, Heini Jones, the Communications Officer from the Wales NTG project, interviews Vicky about social inclusion and the importance within the sectors.


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Interview with Chris Castro, Director of Sustainability at City of Orlando

On behalf of JlagEurope Silvia Barbone, projectleader of NTG, had an interview with Chris Castro about sustainable and smart tourism. His insights are of importance for the Blueprint strategy for Sectoral Skills Development to respond to the fast changing and increasing skills gaps in digital, green and social skills that NTG is working on currently.READ MORE

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