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Finland’s Leadership in Green Skills Development: Pioneering Sustainability in the Tourism Industry

Finland has a reputation as a leader in environmental policy and sustainable development. The country is highly committed to global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and has been ranked number one in an international comparison of sustainable development in 2021. It has also established itself as a trailblazer in promoting sustainability and green skills development within the tourism industry. With a commitment to preserving its clean nature and minimising environmental impact, Finland has implemented innovative strategies and initiatives that set a global benchmark.


Innovating and renewing Skills Intelligence | Recap 1st Pantour webinar

Fast developments in society and the tourism sector led to a new landscape for companies and workers in the industry. Also, due to the pandemic, many jobs in the sector have changed rapidly and new ones have emerged. At the start of the PANTOUR project, a thorough secondary data analysis has been done on current and future skills needs for the tourism industry. Existing data have been analysed, on global and European industry reports, EU policy documents, consultancy papers, and academic research. This has rendered a broad understanding of the status of skills in the tourism industry and what is needed for the future. In this blog, we will share some first insights from these analyses.


NTG Final Conference: The transition of green, digital and social skills development

On the 9th of June, the NTG Alliance hosts the final online conference ‘The Next Tourism Generation: The transition of green, digital and social skills development’. This conference will be divided into four main modules; collaborative framework on skills development and the NTG Blueprint, innovation in Education, Skills Training, and curriculum development, assessing skills gaps and future skills needs in tourism and the road ahead on skills in tourism – Pact for Skills and PANTOUR. 


First meeting of National Skills Group (NSG) Italy dedicated to the tourism sector

Launched by the European “Next Tourism Generation Alliance” (NTGA)  project, the ‘National Skills Group (NSG) Italy’, whose aim is to implement the European strategy on skills in tourism, held its first meeting on March 2nd.

The round-table session saw the participation of Chambers of commerce, Regional Unions of Chambers of commerce, Universities, Research Institutes and various Trade and Sector Associations which signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), an agreement protocol aimed at the development and sharing of knowledge, training facilities and methods with a view to facilitating tourism and relative sector supply chains in the transition towards the skills of the future. Delegates from the Lombardy and Piedmont Regions were also present.


Overcoming the Resistance to Reskilling

Overcoming the Resistance to Reskilling

Innovations always demand change

We live in interesting times. Whether a blessing or a curse (according to the famous Chinese proverb), in any case, we need to be flexible and quickly adapt to the new realities. The Covid-19 pandemic significantly enhanced the process of technology integration and the introduction of new standards and procedures.


Co-working in small tourist areas. Sustainable options for young entrepreneurs of Rural Tourism

Concetta D’Emma, (39 years old, born and living in Italy) is Founder of the Unconventional Hospitality project, and works also as an International Speaker, Author, Challenger & Business Coach, Food & Green Marketing Strategy Expert, and Press & Public Relationships for GWTO (Global Wine Tourism Organization).

After graduating in tourism sciences and -completing a Masters degree in tourism management, she realized that she needed to work – at a deeper level with people, not just to give them “technical” skills. This is the way she has found to improve the hospitality industry and this is why over the years she has also become a Mental Coach.


Sustainable Tourism with Adventure Tours UK

Who Are We?

Adventure Tours UK was set up by a team of outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to share our home nation with others. We’re passionate about adventure and so want to make booking an adventure holiday a stress-free experience for others like us who love to travel and explore new places. For those who want to get out and experience something different, we strive to give people an authentic taste of the UK. We create world-class holidays and make them easy to book, wherever in the world you are.


Tourism Top

Celebrating youth: preparing the tourism workforce for a digital and sustainable future

A growing body of evidence-based research indicates that education and training, when supported at the macro level, are important means of enhancing youth employability. Young people need relevant skills, knowledge, competencies, and aptitudes to help them obtain jobs and establish career paths. As the demand for skilled labor rises owing to globalization, technological advancements, and the changing organization of work, quality education, and appropriate training will be key to addressing employment challenges.READ MORE