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Pact for Next Tourism Generation Skills – Affiliate partner

The Affiliate partners will engage in the development and use of results and will support the dissemination and network of the Pact for Next Tourism Generation Skills (PANTOUR). Affiliate partners are active in the same fields (tourism subsectors, skills development in social, green and digital skills sets) as an organization, association or network.



We are looking for organizations, networks and associations ready to support the PANTOUR project objectives:


  • Respond to the skills needs of the tourism industrial ecosystem and offer concrete, innovative skills solutions to address the gaps especially in the digital and green sector, but also in the field of social skills that are critical in a personalized service sector like tourism.
  • Map urgent skills needs and new skills and occupational profiles in the industrial ecosystem resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting the green and digital transition in careers in the tourism industry.
  • Build on previous knowledge of the NTG project new outputs, partnerships, and resources to address the skills needs and development in the sector at all levels, including the individual stakeholder end users of the sector (businesses, workforce, education institutions and governments) – triple helix.
  • Extend the scope of the current NTG project, adding new sub-sectors and business models (air and cruise transport, port and airport services, museum management, tourist guides, travel search engines, online reservation systems, user-generated content platforms with tourist reviews and booking functions) to those already analysed and addressing the new challenges generated by disruptive factors such as the still ongoing pandemic through the design and implementation of new strategies and operation tools.
  • Develop opportunities in the ecosystem by facilitating participation in lifelong learning activities, implementing actions and a work plan in partnership with VET and HE providers as in building training programmes for individuals in smaller and larger scales in the European Union.
  • Build strong skills partnerships with the creation of National/Regional Skills Groups at the local level, in partnership with small and medium-sized enterprises and following the European skills agenda, improving quality and efficiency in education and training.
  • Making lifelong learning and mobility a reality, developing innovative learning solutions and promoting inclusiveness and access to education.
  • Promoting active citizenship, building equal opportunities and addressing gender equality, diversity and inclusiveness in targeted actions.

One of the first opportunities to participate in the PANTOUR  project activities is the development and operationalization of the National Skills Groups.


We invite you to support the Pact for Next Tourism Generation Skills project as an affiliated partner

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