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Skills Needs Assessment Report


After the finalization of the NTG desk research, an online survey and semi-structured interviews were conducted in all partner countries to acquire additional in-depth understanding and insights into the future of digital, green and social skills from the perspective of people working in the tourism industry. The Skills Needs Assessment Report summarizes the gained insights with regard to the future of tourism, more specifically related to employability. In this report, an overview of each of the 5 NTG subsectors is provided (i.e., tour operators and travel agents; destination management organizations; accommodation providers; visitor attractions; food and beverage operations) in relation to digital, environmental management and social skills that are considered to be relevant for working in the specific tourism sector around 2030.

Download the NTG Skills Needs Assessment Report


NTG Skills Assessment Methodology


Keeping track of rapidly changing skills needs and bridging skills gaps in order to cope with a world in constant flux are therefore major challenges for tourism businesses, education providers and governmental bodies; this involves not only the acquisition of new skills but also life-long education and continuous reskilling and upskilling. To address this urgent situation the NTG Skills Assessment Methodology was developed: a research-based, structural mechanism for the analysis of rapidly changing skills and skills needs in order to develop strategies for addressing skills gaps in the EU tourism sector. The Skills Assessment Methodology will support the tourism industry, education and training providers as well as government bodies to continuously and longitudinally identify, assess, and monitor skills needs in order to make strategic choices to eradicate skills gaps for a future-proof tourism industry in the EU.

Download the NTG Skills Assessment Methodology


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