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Current skills gaps and future skills needs Ireland

The NTG Skills gaps & future skills need research output is a comprehensive pack of insights created by the Next Tourism Generation Alliance which follows the NTG Tourism Skills Assessment Methodology, a research method built around three key skills sets that form the basis for the next step in skills development for the European Tourism Sector.


Survey results

The start of the Tourism Skills Assessment in Ireland must begin with the current view on the tourism subsector, a complete look at what is driving the tourism subsectors from the current skills gaps and competencies that underpin the need for future skill sets, aiming to get an initial snapshot of how the (next generation) tourism professionals are functioning and the overall future perspective of Ireland fostered within the tourism sector.



In this report, you will be able to read the data from the Irish tourism industry:


  • Visitor Attractions

Historic Buildings, Heritage Centre, Museum/Art Gallery; Place of worship; theatre/Cinema/Leisure/Theme Park; Park/Gardens; Wildlife Attractions/Zoo; Retail


  • Food and Beverage operations

Café; Restaurant; Bar/Pub; Distillery; Brewery


  • Accommodation

Hotel; Guesthouse/B&B; Self-catering/apartments; Hostel; Caravan/Camping


  • Destination Management

Destination Management Organisation; National Tourism Organisation; Regional Tourism Organisation; City Tourism Organisation; Protected Area Organisation


  • Tour Operators & Travel Agencies

Interview results


Furthermore, we created an Interview report, which provides more context to the Irish survey data. The Next Tourism Generation Alliance interviewed over 200 tourism directors, head of departments and entrepreneurs in total to acquire an in-depth understanding and insights into the future of digital, green and social skills from the perspective of people working in the tourism industry.


Download the Irish interview report here.


With this report, you will be able to understand the vision of the Irish tourism industry on the following themes:


  • Next Tourism Generation Skills sets


  • The future of tourism


  • Digital skills


  • Environmental management (‘green’) skills


  • Social skills


An overview of the most striking interview quotes can be found below.



Desk research


Additionally to the NTG Survey insights and Interviews, we launched the NTG Desk Research report, which includes useful resources and a full explanation of the holistic view on skills development across Europe. Access the online report and infographic through this link.


Download all the resources on skills gaps and future skills needs and start working with us towards a future proof tourism industry.