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The European Year of Skills (2023) – Festival in Brussels

After the European Tourism Day on May 5 in Brussels, the European Commission hosted another relevant event for all industries working on skills development: The European Year of Skills Festival on May 9. Learning skills are a life long journey and this European Year of Skills will help industries and companies, educational institutions and governments to address skills shortages in the EU. We are proud that in this year and the upcoming years, PANTOUR will contribute to the discussion on what is needed in tourism to equip the tourism workforce with the skills they need to reach their full potential.

The economic recovery of tourism after the pandemic as well as the green and digital transitions are leading the way towards better job opportunities and possibilities to engage in tourism careers. In order to reach full potential as sector, we must start with assessing where the skills gaps are and what future skills are needed. The European Year of Skills Festival highlighted the importance of skills to local, national and European stakeholders.

If you want to learn more about how to invest in skills and make skills development accessible to everyone, we highly recommend you to watch the video below, that was livestreamed on the 9th of May.

During the European Year of Skills, you can expect  a lot of relevant tools and project outputs that will help you and assist in the development of digital, green and social skills in tourism from PANTOUR.


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