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Sustainable hospitality in the Balkan-Mediterranean

Building capacity of umbrella organizations to support sustainable hospitality


Next Tourism Generation (NTG) key partner Varna University of Management presented the NTG project during the workshop at the HELIX project on February 21, 2019. The HELIX project focuses on the potential of the Balkan-Mediterranean hospitality sector, in order to boost the regional and national economic growth. Furthermore, new employment opportunities are rising in this area as well.

The NTG presentation focused on multiple aspects of the project, such as the dynamic changes of future travelers, the future tourism employees and how those future employees need to approach the future travelers, considering future trends.



New trends and developments were also part of the discussion:


  Adventure and wellness trips

  Local experiences and sustainable trips

  Discovering new cultures

  Invasion of technologies in the tourism & hospitality industry


BluePrint Strategy


The BluePrint Strategy that will be established by the Next Tourism Generation project will directly assist destinations, enterprises and higher education institutions to support regional strategies and plans in employment and sustainable development.

The BluePrint Strategy could become highly relevant for the HELIX project, whereas many new employment opportunities are rising in the hospitality sector in the Balkan-Mediterranean area. The Strategy that will be provided by the Next Tourism Generation Alliance could be of help when shaping those future tourism and hospitality related jobs.

All the information being given at the HELIX workshop ‘Building capacity of umbrella organizations to support sustainable hospitality’ of the presentation slides of Varna University can be found here: HELIX.


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