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Skills Intelligence: the need for research, data collection, monitoring and the Next Tourism Generation Skills Lab

On Thursday, the 9th of June, the Next Tourism Generation Alliance (NTG) hosted the final online conference, ‘The Next Tourism Generation: The transition of green, digital and social skills development.’ All modules were broadcasted live on Youtube, and the audience had the chance to participate, interact and ask questions to speakers and panellists. Georges el Hajal from NHL Stenden, and Stefan van Tulder, Talent Data Labs and Josie both stated the importance of data driven skills development. An innovative research approach is needed to identify upcoming skills gaps and future skills needs.

The third module about Skills Intelligence was chaired by Dr Corné Dijkmans, manager of Research and Business Innovation, at the Academy for Tourism of Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Skills Assessment Methodology

Corné Dijkmans presented the Skills Assessment Methodology (SAM), a tool that has been designed to identify current and future workforce skills at a national or regional level. As a key element of the Blueprint Strategy, the NTG Skills Assessment Methodology was developed as a research-based, structural mechanism for the analysis of rapidly changing skills and skills needs, in order to develop strategies for addressing skills gaps in the EU Tourism Sector. The focus of the SAM are the skillsets necessary for the future of the workforce, specifically:


Digital skills: an increasingly-needed array of skills that will enable workers to address labour market digital needs, for example, data management, conducting online business, using augmented reality technologies, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Green skills: there is an increase in skills needs related to the environment, conscience and sustainable practices related to production and consumption and services related to tourism and hospitality. Green skills can be related to policy for energy saving, water cleaning and use of bioproducts, etc.

Social skills: in an increasingly digitalised world, transversal skills will become ever more relevant for all and social skills are important for all future workers in all kinds of tourism. Examples include problem-solving, entrepreneurship, creativity, socio-emotional, communicative, collaborative and multicultural awareness skills.


The benefit of the SAM is that it can be used at multiple levels: regional, national or international, adding flexibility and improving feasibility. It assesses and identifies changing skills needs along the tourism value chain, ensuring that education and training systems are responsive to the evolving labour market needs. It does not set any fixed standards, nor does it provide any certification. Although it was developed for assessing digital, green and social skills needs in five tourism subsectors, it can be easily expanded and used to address skills needs in other tourism ecosystems.

Download the presentation on the SAM: NTG Skills Assessment Methodology

Skills Research

Georges el Hajal presented his research, findings and insights on the skill gaps and the needed future skills, a central element of his research project on attracting and retaining talent for the hospitality industry.

Download the presentation on Skills Research: NTG – Attracting & Retaining Talent

Data driven skills development

Stefan van Tulder addressed the importance of analysing data and market trends in the tourism and hospitality sector.

Download the presentation on the Data-driven skills development: Josie (Career Analytics) Hospitality and Tourism

Next Tourism Generation Skills Lab

Lobke Elbers presented the next steps of the Next Tourism Generation Skills Lab, a digital environment enriched with practical tools for boosting skills development in the tourism sector. The NTG Skills LAB covers new skills for tourism jobs in three areas: digital, sustainable and social skills. The LAB provides practical tools and support for tourism professionals, employers, education/training providers and Job Centers on how to improve skills in these areas for work in five tourism sub sectors: Tour Operator and Travel Agents, Destination Management, Accommodation Providers, Visitor Attractions, and Food & Beverage Operations.

Download the presentation on the NTG Skills Lab: NTG Skills LAB LE

You can also rewatch the full session on YouTube

https://youtu.be/Pxem1I72E80 ​

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