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PANTOUR at the ENTER24 e-Tourism Conference

In January 2024 Stanislav Ivanov and Corné Dijkmans participated in the annual ENTER conference. For three decades, the ENTER e-Tourism conference has served as a convergence point for the Tourism and IT sectors, educational institutions, governmental bodies, and various organizations. ENTER provides an unparalleled global platform for engaging in active discussions, sharing insights, and evaluating contemporary research and industrial case studies related to the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in the travel and tourism sector.

In a special panel dedicated to the AI impact on tourism education, participants discussed whether AI is an ally or an enemy for those studying tourism and hospitality. The use of generative AI undoubtedly will change the foundation of the education system, but it will also bring new benefits for the students. For example, the use of AI may develop digital and analytical skills, while social and transversal skills remain as a must for everybody in the field of services and hospitality. In this regard, the ability to work with AI becomes an important part of the digital skills set of every educational and training institution.


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