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The travel industry is facing a critical challenge: a shortage of skilled workers. It’s time to address this issue by analysing the current skills gap and identifying future skill needs. Reflecting on our recent contribution to ITB Berlin, we had the opportunity to present the latest research findings from PANTOUR: the Tourism Country Skills Profile Reports. These reports offer exclusive insights into the skill landscape of key European markets.

At ITB Berlin, we were invited to support a call to action for investing in skills development across the entire travel, tourism, and leisure industry. During our panel discussion, we shared fresh data, facts, and proposed solutions alongside selected experts and industry leaders.

On March 7th, our colleague Corné Dijkmans delivered a keynote, presenting the latest insights on skills development in Europe. In the panel discussion, colleague Lobke Elbers joined him to provide in-depth insights from best practices, alongside esteemed co-panelists Marlène Bartès from the European Commission and Claire Steiner from ITT – The Institute of Travel & Tourism, for a deep dive panel discussion on the human capital challenges and opportunities in our industry.

Against the backdrop of the European Year of Skills, the focus is on upskilling and reskilling individuals to acquire the necessary skills for quality jobs, addressing skill shortages, and supporting companies in Europe. A workforce equipped with in-demand skills is crucial for sustainable long-term growth and competitiveness, while ensuring that the green and digital transitions are socially equitable and inclusive.

The downloads on our European and Country Skills Profile Reports are available on our website: nexttourismgeneration.eu/research-pantour/

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