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NTG Travel Café with Dutch Travel Organizations

On May 24, the Next Tourism Generation Alliance (NTG) was present at the Travel Challenge 2019, where Tourism Education and the Industry both from The Netherlands gathered together in order to discuss the first outcomes of the NTG desk and field research at the first NTG Travel Café. Lobke Elbers, representative of NTG on behalf of Breda University of Applied Sciences shared the main outcomes of the surveys and interviews that were being conducted among the eight European partner countries with the top of the Dutch Travel organizations such as KLM, ANWB, Corendon and many more representatives of the tourism industry.


Round Table – 1st Industry-Led Skills Group with Education and Industry


After the first insights were being shared, the industry representatives and Dutch tourism educations participated in the 1st Industry-Led Skills Group. During this session, they were given several quotes such as:

  • Digital skills need to go hand in hand with soft skills such as adaptability, flexibility, openness to innovation and self-learning skills.


  • Creating environmentally friendly experiences and products and positive impact for destinations by using locally managed hotels, guest-houses, local agents, drivers and paying decent salaries.


  • Life-long learning and self-learning skills are important to understand and cope with the ongoing changes in society. Creativity and exceeding customer expectations are relevant, especially when creating tailor-made holidays (which is still often a human activity).


The participants shared their unique perspectives, including the industry background and educational background.


Many thanks to the participating representatives:

ANWB, Corendon, FTI Reizen, KLM, Schiphol group, Airtrade, Amadeus, Askja, ATPI, Better Places, Buro Scanbrit, D-Reizen Vakantiexperts, Pelikaan, Vacanceselect, Dream World Aqua, Emerce Travel, ANVR, Calamiteitenfonds, SGR.

In collaboration with Reiswerk and Travel Challenge.

Photo credits: http://www.jordiwallenburg.nl/


[Download NTG Round Table Industry Led Skills Group – slides]


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