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Latest NTG interview results – visitor attractions

Visitor attractions


After the finalization of the NTG desk research and survey, semi-structured interviews were conducted in all partner countries to acquire additional in-depth understanding and insights into the future of digital, green and social skills from the perspective of people working in the tourism industry. Altogether, 264 interviews were conducted in the NTG key partner countries with senior managers, human resource managers, company owners, entrepreneurs, heads of department and other relevant respondents in all five tourism sectors under investigation. This blog focuses on the most important outcomes of the visitor attractions.



Digital skills

Since experiences are central to attractions and guests are asking for increasingly higher levels of experience and customization, creativity, storytelling skills and the ability to create experiences without or with the use of AR, VR, mixed reality, and mobile phone applications are perhaps more important here than in the other sectors. Many attractions are currently investing in digital apps (for information, tours and trails, storytelling, etc.) or VR adventures to enhance the visitor experience.

Green skills

At the management level, sustainability is a focus point for several companies. The use of solar panels, electric vehicles, local and organic products is on the rise. Many sustainability-related issues are outsourced to other companies: installing electricity saving devices and solar panels or heat pumps and so on. For some attractions located in rural areas access other than by private transport is difficult, a situation unlikely to change in the near future.


Social skills

With growing numbers of international guests, the need for language (and having site information and interpretation available in a range of languages) and cross-cultural communication skills is growing. In this respect, the expected advance of the number of Chinese visitors and need to know more about China and Chinese culture was mentioned several times. 



The future of digital, social and green skills

The Next Tourism Generation Alliance has conducted desk and field research on the future of digital, green and social skills in tourism. The outcomes have been collected in documented in research reports and visualized content. This output can be found on the research pageFurthermore, the most striking results from the interview reports can be found in attractive SlideShare presentations, please have a look to check out the quotes from the representatives from the tourism industry – Italy, UK, Hungary, Bulgary, Ireland, Spain, The Netherlands and Germany.

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