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Current skills gaps and future skills needs Finland

Here you can download the Skills Profile Reports of Finland in English or Finnish. In this report you will be able to read the data, interview insights and best practices from the Finnish tourism industry.


Täältä voit ladata Suomen osaamisprofiiliraportit englanniksi tai suomeksi. Tässä raportissa voit lukea suomalaisen matkailualan dataa, haastatella näkemyksiä ja parhaita käytäntöjä.


Finland Skills Profile Reports

The Country Skills Profile Report is a comprehensive document, covering one country that provides an in-depth analysis of the general tourism and skills landscape, gaps, needs and workforce capabilities within a particular country. It serves as a valuable resource for policymakers, government officials, employers/employees, and educational institutions to understand the current state of skills and make informed decisions regarding workforce development strategies.

The purpose of this Country Skills Profile Report is to provide on the basis a comprehensive overview of the following:

  • General information of each country in the PANTOUR consortium regarding tourism and tourism employment, i.e., tourism facts & figures; Summary of the current situation regarding the delivery of Digital, Green and Social Skills training provision for the main types of suppliers of education/training;
  • Analysis of online survey results within each country in the PANTOUR consortium, held among tourism professionals, HR managers and decision makers;
  • Overview of contemporary developments in tourism, trends in tourism employability, and the existing gaps between current levels of skills in the tourism industry and the projected future skills needed in 2030;
  • An inventory of Best Practices (i.e., innovative initiatives, projects, programs, philosophies, tools, methods, ideas, solutions, and concepts) in relation to upskilling, reskilling, attracting, and retaining staff in order to improve the knowledge on digital, social, and green skills development in tourism.


The report focuses around five tourism subsectors:

  • Visitor Attractions

Historic Buildings, Heritage Centre, Museum/Art Gallery; Place of worship; theatre/Cinema/Leisure/Theme Park; Park/Gardens; Wildlife Attractions/Zoo; Retail


  • Food and Beverage operations

Café; Restaurant; Bar/Pub; Distillery; Brewery


  • Accommodation

Hotel; Guesthouse/B&B; Self-catering/apartments; Hostel; Caravan/Camping


  • Destination Management

Destination Management Organisation; National Tourism Organisation; Regional Tourism Organisation; City Tourism Organisation; Protected Area Organisation


  • Tour Operators & Travel Agencies



Download the Finnish Skills Profile report in English here.

Lataa suomenkielinen Finland Skills Profili -raportti tästä.


Download all the resources on skills gaps and future skills needs and start working with us towards a future proof tourism industry.