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Exploring Finland: Blending work, best practice and collaborative fun in the pursuit of Next Tourism Generation Skills

Some greetings and impression from our latest consortium meeting in Finland, where we’ve embarked on a journey to blend work and fun in pursuit of advancing the Pact for Next Tourism Generation Skills project. In this meeting we reflected on our milestones halfway the project, set new goals and ambitions to make our deliverables practical and attractive for the European tourism subsector. Ofcourse we also celebrated our collaborative spirit, and chart our path forward in this scenic Nordic setting.

Thanks (kiitos) to our consortium partner (Satakunta.fi) for organising this Finnish adventure. Amidst the stunning landscapes of Finland (Nuuksion Taika), we’ve engaged in dynamic discussions aimed at shaping the future of tourism skills. Against the backdrop of a tranquil lake, we’ve brainstormed innovative ideas, shared best practices, and forged partnerships that will drive positive change in the industry.

PANTOUR will carry forward the spirit of collaboration, curiosity, and joy that has defined our time here. Together, we will continue to work tirelessly to unlock the full potential of the Next Tourism Generation Skills, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable, social and digitally enhanced future for the industry.

We reached another milestone by publishing our Country Skills Profile reports on skills gaps and future skills needs. Access them here.
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