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Skills Assessment Resources


What is the NTG Skills Assessment Methodology?


A Skills Assessment Methodology is designed to identify current and future workforce skills in order to enable evidence-based decision making around workforce strategies required to achieve sustained organisational performance and to build a capable workforce. Workforce skills, in the broadest sense, are the capabilities, competencies, qualities, talents, and knowledge that enables people to perform successfully in the labour market.

The NTG Skills Assessment Methodology is a voluntary skills management tool for collecting and analysing data to assess skills and skills needs as well as address skills gaps within the tourism and hospitality industry. An important benefit is that it can be used at multiple levels: local, regional, national or international, adding flexibility and improving feasibility. The NTG Skills Assessment Methodology does not set any fixed standards nor does it provide any certification. Its value lies in providing an innovative and comparable common approach for assessing and identifying changing skills needs along the tourism value chain and ensuring that education and training systems are responsive to the evolving labour market needs.


Download here:


NTG Skills Assessment Methodology – Desk Research Template


NTG Skills Assessment Methodology – Communication to Potential Research Participants


NTG Skills Assessment Methodology – Survey Template


NTG Skills Assessment Methodology – Interview Guide


NTG Skills Assessment Methodology – Interview Report Template