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Digital touchpoints

How Visit Finland wants to create an ideal digital customer experience

The vision of Visit Finland is that Finland will become a smart, pioneering destination, that provides the best customer journey from daydreaming to travel. This vision has resulted in Visit Finland’s mission to build a nation-wide digital ecosystem to support sustainable growth in travel. Kaisa Kosonen, Digital Development Manager at Visit Finland, explains what Finland does as a country and as a tourism industry to get the country digitalized.

Banff natural park tourism

Marketing Canada’s first national park with a data-driven approach

Everything the DMO Banff & Lake Louise Tourism does start with the brand. “We strive to get an emotional connection with our visitors,” explains Diane Bures. The reason is that destinations can look similar to each other. The DMO, where 30 people work, talked with tourists in order to be able to understand how tourists feel as soon as they visit the area. Many quotes were related to how visitors experienced nature. What became evident, was the emotional connection with Banff. Movie brand story “Banff & Lake Louise Alive” A visit to Banff national park means a rare experience, an indelible awe, that will last forever.READ MORE

The importance of digital workers, beyond technology

Changes in society and in tourism carry workforce to adapt their skills to better find a “marriage” between what clients demand and what we can offer them. From this point, CEHAT has been investigating what the industry should offer to the society in order to accomplish one of our missions: improving qualification of the workforce.


Recap PM4SD Summer School, Day 2

Day 2 of the PM4SD Summer School, in cooperation with the Next Tourism Generation Alliance has brought up some new insights. The event focused on the selected theme “Skills, Careers and strategic alliances for Sustainable tourism” and has invited many expert keynote speakers to discuss this rising matter.READ MORE